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What is an SMA?:


Our SMA - Scheduled Maintenance Agreement keeps your equipment running at peak performance!


Our trained technician will visit your home or business to perform routine maintenance and updates that will extend the life of your equipment and maximize your productivity by reducing downtime and identifying potential problems with your system before they occur.


Now with one low monthly payment you can minimize the need for costly repairs in the future.


Order Today and save 10% Off our regular labor rate on your next repair service!

Why buy a Scheduled Maintenance Agreement?


A Scheduled Maintenance Agreement

Provides you with routine maintenance of your computer system.

Your Scheduled Maintenance Agreement will:

Optimize Performance

By performing regularly scheduled analysis, maintenance, and cleaning of your computer system—you will realize the peak performance of the hardware and software configuration.

Extend Equipment Life

Routine maintenance not only enhances performance—it extends the life of your equipment by keeping it in top operation condition.

Maximize Security

Routine updates and analysis assures the best possible security of your equipment and data and alerts you to potential problems before they damage your system.

Specific Services Performed

Quarterly Visits


Perform Necessary Operating

System Updates

  Apply Security Patches
  Apply Hot Fixes
Perform AntiVirus Updates and Scan System
  Apply Virus Definition Updates
  Scan Entire System
Analyze System Error Logs
  Determine Error Causes
  Confirm Proper Driver Configuration
Perform System Disk Scans for Errors and Disk Maintenance/Cleanup
  Scan Disk
  Disk Cleanup
  Disk Defragmentation

Biannual Visits

Perform All Quarterly Steps Above
  Perform Physical Inspection of the System Interior
  Check All Cables & Connections
Remove Harmful Dirt & Debris from System Interior
  Compressed Air Cleanout

Receive a Certificate for 10% Labor Rate Discount* on Your Next Regular OR Emergency/Priority Repair Service! (*for the term of current Scheduled
Maintenance Agreement)

Pricing and Payment Info:


You can purchase peace of mind for your computer system for only $250.00 per year with this special introductory offer!


Monthly Payment Plans are also available for your convenience.




As a Scheduled Maintenance Agreement Customer you are entitled to 10% Off our regular labor rate on your next repair service for the term of your current agreement!

Order your Scheduled Maintenance Agreement today and you are automatically qualified to receive 10% Off our regular  labor rate on your next repair service!

~ Bob Thompson, Owner

Bob Thompson
HiTech Computers